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There are coverages beyond life insurance that people need and that GFI agents can sell.  GFI can help you find the products you need.

If you are interested in being an agent, it doesn’t matter if you want to work part or full time, if you are 18 or 80, currently working in a white or blue collar business, are a man or woman.  GFI has a place for you and can help you to be up and running in 30, 60 or 90 days.  


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What Coverages Are You Looking For?

Health Coverage

Are you looking for affordable and comprehensive health coverage?  Do  you want a low, medium, or high deductible?  Let GFI help you figure out the best coverage for you.

Business Insurance

Protecting your business with the most comprehensive and effective coverage is essential in this day and age.  GFI can help you find the best coverage for you and the business you are in.

Home Insurance

What protection do you need for your home?  Flood?  Earthquake?  Additional fire protection?  Do you have out buildings and detached structures?  Let GFI help you find the right coverage for you?



"After working for someone else most of my life, the autonomy to make decisions about what's best for me, gives me the freedom I've missed.  As an agent, I have the opportunity to make the very best decision for me and my family.  And if I make a wrong move, I can choose again and redirect my own actions.  There's nothing better than being a Self-Employed Independent Contractor with a comprehensive system to plug into!"  

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