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Managing your money is more involved than balancing your check book.  Are you looking for a Mortgage Broker?  A Financial Planner?  A Personal Advisor?  If GFI doesn't provide those services through our self-employed independent contractors, we'll refer you to someone who does.

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Our Auxilary Services

Financial Advisor

Begin with the end in mind.  Set a standard. What are your realistic stretch goals?  Work with a financial advisor to help you make your plan.  GFI is here to help!

Mortgage Broker

Success is built on planning and then executing the plan.  Finding the right Mortgage Broker can make decisions easier.  Your home is one of your most important purchases.  GFI is here to help!

Personal Advisor

Sometimes a listening ear who can ask questions until you have made your own decisions can be the best possible help.  If you need a Personal Advisor, GFI is here to help.



"Your success is GFI's success.  We are here to train, coach, and support in any way we can.  We have tools and protocols you can use.  We've learned the importance of setting standards, planning, setting appointments, follow-up and follow-through, and we're here to help you master these strategies."  

Brett Zandes, CEO

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