Employment Openings

Global Freedom Insurance Solutions, better known as GFI, regularly hires employees to work with us.

We don't always have openings.  Please check in with us periodically for job postings as things can change quickly.  Or you can complete the application and we will keep it on file so when the position opens up, we can call  you.  


Decision Time

It is time to Move Forward OR you may need More Information. 

We have applications linked to the buttons below.  We will accept applications even if we don't currently have a position.  If you need more information, please complete the form below and we'll be in touch.  

Thanks again!

GFI Employees

Executive Secretary

Are you a person who likes to be at the center of the action?  Our Global Freedom Insurance Solutions' secretary connects with agents, clients, insurance companies, interns, and everyone else involved with our company.  Our secretary is a "go-to" person in our company.

Appointment Setter

GFI's Appointment Setter calls prospective agents and clients and sets up a time for us to have a conversation.  The Appointment Setter is good on the phone, well-organized and understands how to schedule to ensure there is enough time for the conversation.

Web Master

Like most businesses of today, GFI has need of a Web Master--the person who keeps us up and running, loads documents, tracks usage, and offers support for all things digital.  Our Web Master is an integral part of the GFI team and we couldn't get along without them.



"Security~Financial Comfort~Achieving Goals~ Working with a Team~Choice~Freedom~ these are just some of the reasons I left a 'safe' job as a teacher.  I learned that safety and security are not the same thing.  I've become the 'captain' of my destiny.  My success is a result of setting clear goals, charting a course, and continually working toward the finish line.  GFI can give you these same choices and freedoms."

Brett Zandes, CEO

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