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Glorious Give-Aways

GFI offers FREE video tutorials on identifying your dreams and figuring out how to make those dream into reality.  We also will connect you to other experts by sharing important links.  We provide regular updates through our blog.  Click to learn more.  

Fabulous Freebies

Of course GFI provides free insurance quotes.  We also offer a Budget Analysis and a Financial Education so you can make the best decision for you and your family.  We have videos you can view of the process with actual clients or can request personal service.

Philanthropic Outreach

While GFI does not take donations directly, for our affiliate non-profit, Entrusted Legacy, we accept both goods and monetary commitments.  In response, Entrusted Legacy offers scholarship opportunities to support the GFI Team and our clients.  Please learn more. 

Everyone Needs Security

What product meets your needs?  Life Insurance, Annuities, Disability, Medicare, Life Settlements, Dental, Health Long Term Care?

Today and Tomorrow

Your Choice--Fail to Plan or Plan to Succeed!  GFI is here to help you meet each of your needs.

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Why not visit our contact page, we would love to chat with you!