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Global Freedom Insurance Solutions, better known as GFI,  is always looking for supporters including externs,  interns and volunteers.

We have multiple possibilities to choose from. Our training program is second to none. We can help you to prepare for your next endeavor no matter what that may be.

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It is time to Move Forward OR you may need More Information. Either way we want to talk with you.  

If you're ready to Move Forward, please click on the links below the "intern", "extern" or "volunteer" applications at the bottom of this page.

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GFI has interns who work with us learning work place skills and soft skills such as relationship building, time managements and the difference between a “To Do” and “Task” lists.  For the application, please click on the link below.


GFI has externs receive the same opportunities as our interns for work place and soft skill development, the difference is they work virtually.  For some people, this is the best way.  For the application, please click on the link below.


Although GFI doesn't use volunteers per se, we support a non-profit both financially and with "sweat equity" and will coordinate your willingness to volunteer with the work they do.  If you're interested, click on the link below.



"In the beginning I was happy with achieving my "Personal Production" goals.  Now I am building a team so I can increase my compensation while passing on what I've learned by being part of GFI to others.  We can all reach our dreams!"

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