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We give valuable information for Free.  We have recorded videos, audio formats, and the most recent information on insurance products and benefits which we will make available for the asking.  All you need to do is let us know.


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What's For Free?

Archived Webinars

GFI is happy to share our recorded webinars which we archive to share with others.  While it's not quite as good as attending in person, it does provide an opportunity to watch and watch again.  To access, click on the link below

Written Materials

Global Freedom Insurance Solutions, better known as GFI, has mini eBooks with practical information on budgeting, financial management, and insurance needs.  We also will provide access to great article that are published.  Access below.

Digital Capture

When GFI holds trainings and webinars, we often capture key information on the Zoom whiteboard.  We then place this information on what we call a "ping" and upload them for people to access.  Interested, click on the link below.



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