Sensational Services

What are your dreams?  What actionable goals have you set to move you closer to achieving your dreams?  Global Freedom Solutions Inc. offers face-to-face services to help you consider your insurance, mortgage, and financial options.  We will also support you with what we call reciprocated interactions which are done via Zoom, Face Time, Skype, or phone conversations.  We also will provide information and be your thought partner via email or text.  We will support you in the manner that best serves your needs.  

Decision Time


It is time to Move Forward OR you may need More Information.  Either way, we want to talk with you.

If you're read to Move Forward, please click on the links under the descriptors below.  If you want more information, please complete the box below.



Our Sensational Services


We would love to talk with you face-to face about whole life and term life policies as well as information about annuities and other insurance products which could best meet your needs.  We can also provide information about financial and mortgage services.  Click for more information.

Virtual Interactions

Sometimes there are restrictions to meeting face-to-face, but that doesn't mean we can't offer guidance and support via Zoom, Fae Time, Skype or a simple phone call.  We are set-up to reach out to our clients in the way that best meets their needs.  Please click here for more information.

Delayed Correspondence

Are you busy with life?  Is each day "full to the brim" and you wonder how you can squeeze in one more conversation?  Our GFI Team will also engage with you as a thought partner via email and text.  While not as immediate as the other options, we have found it's the best way for some.  Click here.




"We used to have big dreams but at the end of each year when we looked back on the last 365 days, we realized we hadn't done much to move the needle--which in reality means we moved backwards.  Becoming part of the GFI Team helped us to take steps toward our dreams.  As they say at GFI, "Hope is not a strategy"!  GFI has helped all of us to make progress toward reaching our dreams."

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