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Global Freedom Insurance Solutions, better known as GFI, is always looking for Self-Employed Independent Contractors.

We are always looking for highly motivated fabulous freelancers, outsources workers and commissioned earners.   We believe as an independent contractor, to autonomy a person has is incredibly important.  People are free to set their own goals and then work hard to achieve them.  

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Independent Contractors

Fabulous Freelancers

GFI is always looking for freelancers which have specific skills to come on board to complete identified projects such as video editing, graphic design, and other one time projects.  Follow the link for this application.

Outsourced Workers

Are you a financial planner?  Are you a mortgage broker?  Are you looking for a place when you can be part of a team but still have the autonomy to working ways that are best for you?  GFI can can help.  Follow the link below.

Insurance Agents

GFI is always looking for insurance agents--green or experienced.  Our compensation structure and commissions are extremely lucrative.  We also pay bonuses and residuals.  To apply, click on the link below.

Brett 12

The GFI Advantage

"How important is a system to plug into?  It's vital.  I transitioned from teacher to agent, and I struggled to change my mindset from employee to businessman.  I had to rethink how I did business.  The GFI Advantage is designed to make this transition easy for you!"

Brett Zandes, CEO

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